Annmarie Jenkins

I use an individualized value-based approach to create a sustainable system of success that empowers my clients to nutrition autonomy

Many of the clients I see are what I like to call high performance hustlers,” stretched by the day to day management of life and other responsibilities, all while striving for their health & fitness goals. As a result, working together provides my clients the 1 hour per week they need where we get to take a necessary pause & deep reflection focusing on themselves, their goals, their vision, and mindset. Many clients come to me wanting to be told what and when to eat, but it isn't until we uncap their own potential & autonomy in making vital decisions with their nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise that success really starts to unfold. Working together will be work, but worth it!


Weight LossMacro-Based CoachingDisordered Eating

Favorite Quote

“My favorite saying I quote to clients is "90% accurate, 100% of the time" - we don't need to be striving for perfection, only consistency!”

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