Kaitlyn Livings

Life it hard and stressful sometimes and trying to figure out what to eat makes it even harder. I would love the opportunity to help make it a little easier for you!

Everyone is different and likes a different coaching style. I try to meet the client where the are at and build a relationship with them before getting into the problem at hand. I like to have fun with my clients and talk sports/TV/event/etc while still educating them on a healthy lifestyle.


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Favorite Quote

“I find each stage of life is good. People grow old by deserting ideals. Years wrinkle the skin, but the lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Always try to radiate love to others, be optimistic, unselfish, and generous with praise to both the young and old. Be willing to change and to make changes. Reaching out to touch the lives of others brings richness to your own life.”

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