Amplify Success & Skyrocket Revenue

We partner with businesses like yours, providing your customers with expert guidance.

Partnering with Dietitian Live

Personalized and scientifically backed guidance to help your customers reach their health goals.

All Remote

Connecting your customers to dietitians, made simple. We manage it all: appointments, support and logistics.

Bonus: It’s covered by most customers’ Insurance plans.

Your Gain?

A deeper client relationship, increased retention, and a revenue share from each referral.*

An all-around win with no added overhead for your business.

The Missing Piece

You’re dedicated to your clients’ health journeys.

We’re committed to their nutritional well-being. Imagine their success with our combined services.

The Dietitian Live Difference

Engage & Inspire

Regular touchpoints with professional dietitians keep clients motivated and accountable.

No Extra Costs

Insurance coverage often means zero additional expenses for customers.

Holistic Care

We delve into sleep, stress, and lifestyle, offering a full spectrum of wellness support.

We Accept the Following Insurance Providers

Ready to Transform Your Business Model?

Don’t just add a service—add a success multiplier! Witness increased engagement, customer lifetime value, and enhanced health outcomes.

Partner Feedback

“I charge $29/month for my gym members, now that we are partnered with Dietitianlive we have over doubled the monthly revenue for each member we refer. This has been a life-changing amount of income for my wife and I.”

Tim B.

“Discovering that my Anytime Fitness offered this service covered by insurance made my decision straightforward. It was an instant ‘yes’ for me. The added support and insights have been invaluable in addressing my weight and health challenges.”

Susan J.

“Korinna enlightened me about the crucial role of protein in muscle health. Our discussions about pre and post-workout nutrition have been game-changers. My energy is at an all-time high, and having strategic snacks planned out ensures I’m always satiated and focused. This guidance has significantly enhanced my quality of life.”

Tammy N.

*Referral fees depend on the client’s show rate, insurance company participation, and state regulations.