Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of registered dietitians are experts in food and behavioral health. We’re on a mission to reimagine nutrition counseling and inspire you to take full control of your health and well-being.

Kelsey Fiedler

As a growth oriented person and dietitian, I believe in using nutrition and wellness to inspire and guide individuals towards healthier and happier lives! I specialize in using identity based behavior change strategies with clients who motivated to make changes and improve their lives. This is done primarily by assessing and coaching on nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and mindset.

Tiffany Packard

My mission is to show clients that achieving desired results doesn't mean giving up the foods they love. A healthy, nutritious lifestyle doesn't have to be rigid; it should be vibrant and diverse! I guide clients in striking a balance between their favorite foods and those that contribute to their well-being. And yes, enjoying a piece of cake at a birthday party can absolutely be part of a healthy approach!

Aubrey Voigts

I look forward to working with those who feel they have nowhere else to turn. My goal is to help my clients take control over their lives and have complete nutrition autonomy!

Tiana Mick

I work to instill confidence in my clients in the areas they want to see change. I want my clients to feel empowered when stepping into the uncomfortable and see the growth that can happen.

Kara Bourland

My goal is to support clients in identifying aspects for improvement and change, guiding them towards achieving these goals in a sustainable way.

Paige Prestigiacomo

As a dietitian, my core belief is that 'all foods fit.' I view food not just as a source of nourishment for our bodies but as a vital ingredient in fostering experiences, memories, and connections with others. What excites me most is guiding people to establish healthy and sustainable eating habits that they can maintain throughout their lives.

Monica Moore-Romanoff

I work to motivate and empower my clients to reach the goals they desire and work with them around their current lifestyle and likes.

Addie Luehrs

I seek to create an open and honest collaboration between myself and my clients, meeting them right where they are at and finding out where they want to get to in order to achieve sustainable habit change.

Hannah Hoff

I am committed to providing nutritional education to my clients, helping them understand the underlying principles behind their dietary choices and the reasoning behind each nutritional recommendation I offer.

Annmarie Jenkins

I use an individualized value-based approach to create a sustainable system of success that empowers my clients to nutrition autonomy

Natalie Sidun

I'm a devoted dietitian championing preventive care. My joy is nurturing individual growth at your pace. I thrive on connecting with you beyond nutrition, creating a personalized plan for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Taylor Cain

I empower clients to build a personalized relationship with food, because this looks different for everyone!

Paul Douglass

I work to create an inclusive and knowledgeable space where I empower you to be your best self, and ultimately achieve self-efficacy.

Jessica DelGiorno

I'm here to remind you that you CAN! Even when things are tough, you are tougher.

Kaitlyn Livings

Life it hard and stressful sometimes and trying to figure out what to eat makes it even harder. I would love the opportunity to help make it a little easier for you!

Brianna Kobylar

I’m dedicated to meeting my clients where they are at and helping them to become the version of themselves they’ve been dreaming of

Clara Copeland

As a dedicated dietitian, I empower clients to identify and achieve their personal goals through customized support and plans that seamlessly integrate with their lifestyles, fostering positive changes and helping them achieve their wellness targets.

Tara Lawley

It doesn’t matter how small or large your goals may feel, if you are willing to show up consistently and put in the work as your Dietitian I will help you get there.

Allison Rosko

My goal is to help clients make nutrition changes that become lifelong habits, no matter the size of their goal.

Josey Schillinger

I support my clients in their health goals by collaborating around the next steps, encouraging progress, celebrating wins, and building small habits that lead to long-lasting changes.

Ella Shulgan

I take an personalized approach with every client to empower them to meet their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Jen Haugen

I love empowering my clients with education, confidence and overcoming challenges, so they can grow towards their goals and soar into that person they want to be for the best self-care while having fun in the process!

Jillian Rodriguez

I strive to help my clients tap into their true potential through their health journey, ultimately discovering the best version of themselves.

Jessica Bastian

In my role as a Registered Dietitian, I utilize a collaborative and individualized approach with each client. Prioritizing active listening, I delve into their unique health goals, challenges, and preferences. My interventions are grounded in evidence-based practices, involving clients in the co-creation of tailored, realistic, and sustainable nutrition plans that address their specific needs. Education is essential to my methodology, as I empower clients with the knowledge and skills essential for making informed and continuing enhancements to their dietary and lifestyle habits. Through continuous support and adjustments, my aim is to both inspire and guide clients on their transformative journey toward optimal health and well-being.

Korrinna Kelly

Hey there! I'm Korrinna, a passionate Dietitian at Dietitian Live. My mission? Empowering you to harness the incredible potential of whole food nutrition! I thrive on guiding individuals towards sustainable, transformative changes, tackling the root causes of symptoms and illnesses to elevate your quality of life. Together, let's sculpt a healthier, more vibrant you. I'm excited to team up and embark on this empowering journey with you!

Aliza McConnahey

I work to build trusting and empowering relationships with my clients to identify areas of change and growth in themselves. We work together to achieve this growth and build nutrition autonomy.

Marissa Avione

Whether you're seeking guidance for managing a chronic condition, improving performance in the gym or sport, or adopting a healthier lifestyle, I am dedicated to supporting you on your journey toward improved health and wellbeing.

Julia Srouji

As a dietitian, I work to empower my clients in achieving their nutrition and health-related goals. Together, we collaborate to build sustainable, long-term habits. Additionally, I help my clients develop a healthy relationship with food as part of this process as I believe this is essential to long-term success.

Holly Darnell

I help my clients create a sustainable way of life; the one where they feel like the best versions of themselves both inside and out.

Shonni Stevens

I provide a safe environment where clients and I work together to clearly define their health goals, ultimately leading to successful, long-lasting change.

Dana Gertschen

I provide transformational coaching to help my clients overcome mental obstacles holding them back from accomplishing their goals. If you're tired of spinning your wheels, and you're looking for a valuable experience that leaves you feeling inspired and empowered to conquer your health goals, you've come to the right place.

Amanda Schroeder

I'm here to guide you on your journey to a healthier, happier you! We will work together to find what feels good for you and crush your goals!

Ellie Paulauskaite

I am dedicated to optimizing health through personalized strategies and empowering my clients to transform their lives!

Trevor Coke

I strive to empower my clients with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices about food, guiding them toward achieving their health and wellness goals through nutrition.

Jensen Kinchen

My mission is to guide clients in breaking free from diet culture mindsets, fostering a positive approach to health. Together, we'll embark on a journey that's about more than just nutrition. No crash diets or extreme restrictions--just small, achievable changes seamlessly improving your well-being. Think of me as your personal cheerleader, dedicated to guiding you toward a healthier, happier you. Let's ditch restrictive mindsets and embrace a balanced approach to wellness.

Emily Maus

I guide clients to enhance their life through sustainable nutrition that makes their body's feel great, satisfies them emotionally, and transform their health life long.

Josh Sisk

I strive to help clients reach desired goals and to build confidence to go above and beyond what they originally believed was possible.

Annie Clark

I work to help my clients learn their body's physical and psychological needs with food.

Emily Madsen

There is no one-size-fits-all answer in dietetics, which makes each clients journey towards their goals unique. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients create individualized plans that aid them in achieving their goals, while also cultivating a healthier relationship with food.

Audrey Calianos

I am passionate about the inseparable link between mental and physical well-being, emphasizing the importance of accesible nutrition education for overall health. I believe in empowering my clients to achieve their health goals through sustainable changes, showing them how to see food as something to celebrate and enjoy.

Olivia Alexander

I am committed to empowering my clients to meet their goals through personalized guidance tailored to their lifestyle and dietary preferences. I pride myself on making evidence-based recommendations to support long-lasting changes.

Kelsey Bruner Buckley

My name is Kelsey Bruner Buckley, and I am a registered dietitian who is passionate about body confidence, intuitive eating, and overall wellness. I believe that every individual has the right to feel confident and empowered in their own skin, and that a healthy relationship with food is an essential component to achieving this. I have worked with a diverse range of clients, including those with chronic diseases, eating disorders, and weight concerns as well as those who are undergoing or have undergone bariatric surgery. My approach is client-centered, and I believe in working collaboratively with my clients to develop personalized nutrition plans that fit their unique needs and lifestyles. I am an advocate of intuitive eating, a philosophy that encourages individuals to listen to their bodies and honor their hunger and fullness cues. I also believe in the power of self-care and encourage my clients to practice self-compassion and kindness towards themselves.

Madison Robello

I strive to help my clients achieve their true goals by assisting in the development of life-long, sustainable, healthy results that will help them be the person they want to be.

Juliana Grebing

I pave the way with ideas and strategies for my clients to walk the way themselves, with confidence they are going towards the right direction, their goals.

Abby Barth

I focus on guiding my clients to explore and cultivate whole-person health and wellness by working together to create sustainable nutrition and lifestyle behaviors for life-long change.

Carolyn Hamil

I strive to foster nutrition autonomy and empower my clients to feel confident in making daily choices aligned with their health goals. I am committed to guiding individuals towards a sustainable and empowered relationship with food for long-lasting well-being.

Laura Dzialo

Laura Dzialo is a health and wellness writer with a passion for mindful living. She leverages her background as an English teacher to craft engaging content that promotes well-being and informed lifestyle choices. In her spare time, Laura enjoys yoga, hiking, and traveling with family and friends.

Mara Bustos

I work to empower my clients to understand their barriers and strengths and move towards achieving their why and improving their overall well-being.

Janelle Bober

I work to invest in my clients personally to help them understand their full potential and abilities to achieve their goals surrounding nutrition and lifestyle.

Allie Richter

My work lies in making meaningful connections with clients to help them achieve their goals through mindful and strategic approaches.

Allison Quesenberry

My goal is to empower my clients to achieve their goals by identifying areas of growth and change and supporting them each step.

Kristen Dawidiuk

I work to support my clients in achieving their personal goals they set for themselves, fostering a positive and enjoyable journey throughout the process.