Carolyn Hamil

I strive to foster nutrition autonomy and empower my clients to feel confident in making daily choices aligned with their health goals. I am committed to guiding individuals towards a sustainable and empowered relationship with food for long-lasting well-being.

I approach my clients with a holistic mindset, recognizing the importance of making genuine connections beyond mere nutritional guidance. I understand that each person is unique - so I embrace a whole-person approach that considers not only dietary needs but also factors like lifestyle, emotional well-being, and personal preferences. I strive to foster an environment free of judgment, recognizing that everyone's journey is different. By emphasizing the enjoyment of food and avoiding a restrictive food police mentality, I empower clients to develop positive relationships with nourishment, encouraging sustainable and enjoyable dietary habits. In doing so, I create a supportive space where clients feel heard, understood, and motivated to make lasting, healthful choices.


weight loss mindful eating disordered eating general health and wellness

Favorite Quote

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ―Zig Ziglar”

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